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GW Facial Therapy founder Anna Glasson, is now in her 60's, but thanks to her facial techniques and skincare products, she looks 10 years younger. Anna is sharing these fabulous self-care facial techniques she uses in her daily beauty regimen. 


A little about Anna
Anna's passion is practising and teaching natural facial rejuvenation using precise, intensive, firm but also gentle manipulation of the facial muscles, in synergy with natural anti-aging oils and creams. ​ An expert in her own right, for more than 20 years Anna continued to learn from other facial experts including 20th generation Japanese Masters. Anna researched; ancient and modern methods of natural facial rejuvenation using facial techniques and natural oils; including Japanese face massage, anti-aging facial Reflexology, Japanese facial acupressure, and face-lifting massage techniques.


Anna took the very best of these techniques and merged them with her own reflexology techniques. She then developed a range of natural premium anti-aging skin care facial oil and cream products, again based on ancient knowledge. GW Facial Therapy was created!  This proven successful and fabulous treatment is now recognised in 35 countries.

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GW FOCUS Self-Care
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  • Less than $1 a day -  treat yourself you deserve it!

  • Monthly Subscription which you can cancel anytime from within your Resource Dashboard

  • Access to PDF Facial information and Videos

  • View/browse and learn at your own pace - no pressure

  • GW Facial Therapy self-care techniques

  • Family self-care hand massage & acupressure techniques​

  • As a subscriber you will also have access to purchase our beautiful skin care products at a 20% discount from the RETAIL SHOP.

Anna, the founder of GW Facial Therapy, is sharing these fabulous self-care facial techniques she uses in her daily beauty regimen. Anna is also sharing the hand massage and acupressure techniques she uses for herself and her family to help relieve some common ailments associated with daily living.

Notes below are by Anna Glasson the Master Trainer and Founder of GW Facial Therapy:

Welcome to the Self-Care package I have especially put together for you...  I will be sharing the same techniques with you that I use myself daily.

We have based the subscription at a reasonable price which covers our super-fast advertisement-free streaming video costs. This will allow you access, wherever you are, to your Resource Dashboard anytime to refresh your facial knowledge and ensure that you apply the techniques correctly. I plan to add more techniques in the future, which will focus on specific parts of the face. In addition, access to our premium skin care products used by our Therapists will provide you with the products you need at a considerably better price.

The Resource Dashboard is designed for you to work through the videos and the viewable and printable PDF, at your own pace. You can go over all the techniques and PDF as much and as often as you need to. You can make the videos full screen and you can pause and rewind the videos to review a technique to ensure you have it right. This information will help you to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce tension and stress from tight facial muscles and will lift up, sculpt and tone face muscles and  soft tissue. You will find many supporting videos, illustrations and notes to help you understand the oils and creams you need for your skin type, the muscles of the face and to master the Self Care techniques. For your interest, I have also included a PDF with some of the resources prepared for our student Therapists.


You will pick up good tips and advice from the PDF and the videos. The resources are designed for viewing on a PC, Laptop or tablet. 
Enjoy  :-)

GW FOCUS Selfcare Subscription Content

Self-Care Face Lifting Techniques

Easy-to-learn and use, face lifting massage techniques.  Increase circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the face as well as lymphatic flow.


Use these anti-aging techniques ideally every day in your self-care beauty regimen to release tight, tense muscles and unlock and release deep-seated lines and wrinkles.


Facial Techniques lift, sculpt and tone the neck area, jawline and jowls, cheeks and forehead. Improves appearance around eyes, increasing circulation and reduction of toxins and dark circles. Reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes. Use Facial techniques every day for 3 minutes to Rejuvenate and energize your face.


Hand Massage and Reflexology Treatment

Use these simple and easy techniques for the hands to help with common ailments, including headaches, backache and shoulder pain and indigestion.

Massage and reflexology have been used for thousands of years to promote good health and these techniques can be used at any time and anywhere.

Helps to release pain, tension and stiffness from hands and joints.


Acupressure Points - Hand and Arm Care

These easy-to-learn Acupressure Points for hands and arms have many benefits and can be used at any time. By Releasing pain and stagnation from sore hands and arms, and increasing chi energy flow, these points can be used by yourself and your family.

With a myriad of benefits, these acupressure points also can help with aches and pains, dental pain, travel sickness, nausea and improved circulation and appearance in the face and neck.

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​GW Self-Care is available as a monthly ongoing subscription which can be cancelled anytime from your Resource Dashboard.

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