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Ingredients in our natural skin care products



GW Facial Therapists are using the same premium oils and creams that you can buy from our online shop! These exclusive products can only be purchased from therapists or direct from our online shop. You cannot buy these products in retail outlets.

Discover for yourself why our GW Facial Therapy, Gorgeous Woman and ManOil8 range of skin care products work and give such fantastic results. We use only Mother Nature’s very best! We have never, and never will use toxic ingredients, petro-chemicals, fillers or parabens.

'We have proven beautiful skin is healthy skin' 

Only the very best premium oils are used, sourced from reputable sources, organic, cold-pressed and Australian wherever possible. Small batch, secret blending methods... only two people know the blending process and our proven secret formulations.


Important please note: Our products are not medicinal. We would never recommend that you use any one plant oil individually for skincare. Either carrier or essential oil - especially essential oils. Oils are incredibly rich, nourishing, and restoring and if not blended correctly with other oils, can cause irritation, redness or even burning. In a perfectly balanced blend, using a dozen or more plant oils, even the most sensitive skin will benefit. The following information about ingredients should only be used as a guide to be confirmed. This information is what is popularly known about the ingredients and may not have been proven scientifically to be correct.

Information below about some of our 100% natural botanical oil ingredients
    This classic and original comparison was completed some years ago. But the information is still very relevant in revealing the ethical manufacturers and the ingredients used in well known brands. You will see below how your favourite brand compares...
    A comparative analysis and review of popular face oils. Although not up to date, it does however serve as a guide. We recommend you do your own research to stay up to date with product ingredient changes.
  • See ingredient lists for each brand, below the table."
    We encourage you to view the findings and check the results for yourself as all the information on this page is available online and may have changed since this page was published. There are so many face oils out there good and bad. Its hard for the consumer to know which have the best ingredients and give us the best results. Consumers are discerning and want to buy a face oil that simply has the best, nourishing plant oils. Using products that are safe and free from nano-particles, petrochemicals, toxins, synthetic ingredients, fragrances and fillers also tops the list. ​ A comparison chart below will help you to compare 25 popular face oils. This data was readily available on the internet at the time the comparison was made. From the comparison below it may make it easier for you to choose a face oil that gives great results and won't compromise your health.
  • Veracity of data
    All information on the face oils shown on this page is from Australian and International manufacturers web sites and/or their reseller websites. Australian skin care manufacturer WomanOil8 were confident their Gorgeous Woman Skin Care products were the safest and best out there and implemented the face oil comparison to prove a point. The results confirmed this and speak for themselves. What's really surprising is the choice of ingredients some big global brands choose to use in their face oils.
  • The Results
    Gorgeous Woman Skin Care (WomanOil8 Australia), ManOil8, Happy Skin Care, Paula's Choice, Go-To and Sunday Riley have come out on top with 4+stars, with the top three made in Australia! The quality, quantities and ingredients in the face oil blends are what will either make or break a good face oil. The best way to find out if a face oil is actually going to be good for both your skin and your health is to read the list of ingredients on the label. Some of the face oils in the review have really good plant oils listed on the labels. However many of the face oils also contain ingredients that may not be beneficial for either your skin or your health. Plant oils also come in many grades of quality. ​ Remember beautiful glowing skin is really just healthy skin... When you stop using chemical based skin care products and commence using 100% natural oil formulas for your face, it can take around two weeks for your skin’s acid mantle to adjust and begin the cleansing, replenishment and recovery process. Expect a release of toxins from clogged pores, pollution, makeup and daily grime during this time as the plant oils cleanse and nourish pores. During this time remember beautiful glowing skin is really just healthy skin and that’s what you will have at the end of the cleansing and recovery process! ​ NOTE: Don't miss the ingredients for each product listed below the comparison chart. It is an eye-opener! Although every effort has been made to ensure the information on this web site is accurate at the time of publishing, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. We encourage our viewers to do their own further research as needed. Legally ingredients should be listed top down in order of quantity. The listed ingredient 'Fragrance or Parfum' in Australia does not legally require a breakdown of ingredients and it is optional for a manufacturer to disclose this information. As they are usually extracts or chemical additives we believe all ingredients should be disclosed irrespective of the legal requirement and rate against non-disclosure.
  • The Rating Process
    The weighting % given to each product is based on the following focus (pricing was noted but was not a consideration in the rating process) - 30% Ingredients - Ideally only natural carrier oils should be used - no chemical additives, mineral oils, parabens, nanoparticles, fillers, binders, fragrances and synthetics. 15% Customer reviews - must be easily found on the web site or on the shop page 15% More than 8 natural carrier oils - no artificial ingredients. The more suitable carrier oils the better as it reduces the chance of irritation. Essential oils or 'extracts of' can be irritants. Tiny amounts eg <1% are safer. 10% Transparency of ingredients - it is important for the manufacturer to make it easy for you to find the list of ingredients they use. 10% Made in Australia - some products are made outside Australia in undisclosed countries which may not have the same safety standards in place as we have in Australia. 10% Guarantee return if not satisfied - most will only take returns if the goods have not been opened?! 5% How to use instructions - these need to be available online before purchase 5% Not tested on Animals. Note this information may not be accurate as the information is based on a third party 'watchdog' reports.
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